Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday TJ!

What's this?? I am blogging??? After over a year?? :) I have a good reason today! (And it is my goal to start doing this regularly...but we will see!)

It is my TJ's birthday today! 26 years! :)

I tease him that when he turns 40- I'll still be 38...he says he doesn't care...but I think he will then.

Happy Birthday my love! I am proud of you, and love being your Annabelle. I hope your day is wonderful! I am blessed to be yours.

The Man Cub with Kada Girl in our blizzard this winter.

Tim and Jay Thorpe climbing clifs and exploring caves in our Colorado trip this past February.

It has been a big week for him! Poor guy always seems to be studying or in the middle of some big section of school during his birthday, and this year is no exception. Last Friday the guys all had their last day of class. Year 2 is almost done! This week was full of end of year finals. They finished on Thursday. Year 2 down! Boards to go!

I am so proud of Tim, and the rest of the guys! They have worked so hard, but have still managed to have a blast!

Enough said! :)

We are headed to BRGR tonight with our KC family to celebrate Tim's birthday. I'll post pictures later.

Happy Weekend!

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